Air Hair – Toowoomba

According to Wikipedia, South East Queensland city – Toowoomba – is a major education centre. And what better place for a visit by Lorna Evans to add just a little bit more to its stature of education excellence?


Not only was she ready to meet her newest team of stylists booked onto her Secrets Unlocked three-day long styling workshop, but she was also happy to say bon voyage to Melbourne’s cooler climate, in exchange for sunnier climes.


Not only did Toowoomba turn the sun on for Lorna’s arrival, but the team from Air Hair was ready to create heatwaves bigger than any Australian summer! At the Lorna Evans Education workshop, the stylists blew each other way as they created texture, waves and styles that will have their clients lining up to have at their next special event.


You, too, could learn all about the secrets to long hair styling and what amazing new styles you could give your clients this season. Come rain, hail or shine… there’s a breathtaking and dramatic style for everyone. Visit or call 0413 488 570 for details of a course coming to your area soon.