Brisbane Secrets Unlocked Workshop

I’m a great believer that learning should be fun, and I couldn’t ask for more from the team of stylists booked onto my Secrets Unlocked three-day long hair styling workshop at the Brisbane School of Hairdressing.

Not only were they hungry to learn amazing updos and dramatic designs but it turned out that my masterclass members could also, in fact, be Masterchef contenders as the girls baked cakes to keep the group’s energy at an all-time-three-day high!

And what better way to burn off the cakey calories … than with some moving and a-grooving! Wonder what the Australia’s Got Talent judges would think of the team and their hairbrush microphones??! Check out the video!

Laugh YOUR way to learning with the next Lorna Evans Education Secrets Unlocked workshop. Visit the website for details of the course in your area.