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5 Steps to Achieving a Clean Section of Hair

How to take long sections of hair?
Have you ever struggled to control super thick long hair? 
Have you ever felt like you end up with messy sections and hair all over the place? 

Here is my 5 steps to achieving a clean section of hair:
1. Using my Bigtail comb take a section only 1 to 2 inches from where you want to start
2. Pop your comb down and using your thumb and index finger run them down the section
3. Pinch your finger at the end and hold onto the hair between your fingertips 
4. Roughly push the remaining hair away from the section that you are working on 
5. Pick up your Bigtail comb again and using the tail like it is a pen straighten up the section you took with your fingers

This technique is also great if you want to learn how to section thick hair for curling 

Click to watch the video

This was a snippet from one of over 80 tutorials in my COLLECTIVE library :books: that will teach you Ponytails, Chignons, Waves, Braids, Bridal work, Editorial work and even how to plan your Business. 

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Brad Ngata
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Brad Ngata’s: Hot Blow-Drying Tips

How lucky were we to have guest artist Brad Ngata on Instagram Live for our special occasion hair education to share his hot blow drying tips!

Creating a big bouncy blow dry is something I know many of you would love to achieve. Hence, here are some of his hot blow-drying tips.

 Yet getting down the basics can be really hard to master.

Fear not we have the amazing Brad to the rescue as he shares how we can achieve that professional finish without killing our shoulders and taking way too long.

Products Used:

Sulphate free Volumising shampoo & Conditioner
Texture Powder
Sea salt Spray

Equipment Used:

Timesaver Brush
Bigtail Comb
GlamPal Hair Dryer


  1. Shampoo the hair twice with volumising shampoo and only condition from mid length to ends.
  2. Before blow-drying, work out the growth patterns of the hair so you can plan the best direction to section the hair.
  3. Using the Bigtail Comb section off the hair in sections as long as the barrel on the Timesaver brush in a zigzag shape Tip: Sectioning in a zigzag motion helps get deep in the hair and gives a great foundation.
  4. Spray Sea Salt spray at the roots only. Tip: ONLY section by section DO NOT apply all the way though the hair or you will find it hard to work on the last few sections.
  5. Using The Timesaver Brush take your long section and give it a good brush to gather all the hair in the same direction.
  6. Using the GlamPlam Hair Dryer, blow-dry the section. Tip: To lessen strain in your shoulders, blow dry in front of the client in the opposite direction. This will also push the hair and gives more volume.
  7. For extra volume clip the hair up to cool or pop in a Velcro roller before moving onto the next section.
  8. Apply texture powder only at the roots.
  9. Use the Bigtail Comb to comb through and dress.
  10. Apply a little hairspray to finish.

Hot Tips when Blow Drying

1. Blow dry the hair in the angle that the hair would sit working on in a base setting direction.

See the diagram for on base sectioning

Please note most stylists think over directing the hair will give maximum volume but this is NOT the case, to create maximum volume you need to work with on base sections.

2. Do not settle on one heat when using your blow-dryer. Mix between high, medium and cool to dry the hair.
3. Avoid over drying the hair as this will result in straightening the hair and it will also start to fly off the brush making it hard to handle.
4. Work in Zigzag sections of the hair rather than in straight lines.
5. Do not blow dry fast motions & allow the hair to cool down.
6. For a longer lasting finish take your time to set up in clips or Velcro rollers.

Blow drying can be hard. Yet, with the right tools and products, you will be able to achieve a dream finish in no time.

Brad Ngata xxxxx

magnetic styling belt
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Magnetic Styling Belt Saves the Day!

After attending one of Lorna’s 4 day workshops, I knew I needed to get the magnetic styling belt, which has now been lovingly renamed in our salon as the ‘go faster belt!’

It’s a great tool that helps with hair ups and styling. Everything you need is on hand – priceless.


Picture a busy Saturday in the salon or doing special occasion hair education with a bridal party of 6 booked in with a senior stylist and myself. All consultations have been carried out and appointment have been allocated. Then your colleague calls in sick! I now have a bridal party coming into the salon and have to look after all of them in a small allocated time slot.

I get my magnetic styling belt on, arm my assistant with a wand and supplies, and we’re off!

The Magnetic Styling belt is a timesaver that puts everything at your fingertips.
Ideal for the busy stylist in the salon or on location.
Large enough to hold everything you need to create a magnificent upstyle.
Hairsprays, brushes, combs, clips and best of all its magnetised so all your pins are close at hand.
A perfect partner to our Magnetic Bobby pin wristband

The belt enabled me to have all my tools on me, and cut down pinning time. The time saving techniques learnt from Lorna helped me avoid disaster. Luckily the bride was the last in and was none the wiser until she asked where my colleague was.

Thanks Lorna – your amazing belt and techniques saved the day!

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Hair Trends that Ruled this Year’s NYFW

For hair stylists, when it comes to New York Fashion week, it goes beyond just the brands and fashion. I don’t know about you but the first thing I look at is the HAIR! I would even consider it the main event! And year after year, NYFW hair trends are trailblazing the hottest hairstyles and hair accessories that left us breathless and recreating straight away.

NYFW is definitely giving us refreshing and eclectic hairstyles we LOVE to see on the runway. And this year, it got bolder than ever as it features neon hair colours, graphic patterns and more. If you didn’t catch a glimpse, below is a quick recap of NYFW hair that are definitely a cut above the rest.

 You can even call it the mane event. And year after year, NYFW is trailblazing the hottest hairstyles and hair accessories that left us breathless and replicating right after. 

NYFW is definitely giving us refreshing and eclectic hairstyles we LOVE to see on the runway. And this year, it got bolder than ever as it features neon hair colors, graphic patterns  among others. If you were not able to get a glimpse, below is a quick recap of  NYFW hair that are definitely a cut above the rest.

Trend #1: Half-Wet Hair

Image from Stylecaster

Kim Kardashian stuns in her wet look dress, makeup and hair during the 2019 Met Gala but NYFW made half-wet hair a trend. This is the term coined by Justine Marjan, This half-wet hair style was featured by Hellessy for their RTW Spring 2020. What better way to pair their boxy blazers, shirt-like hems and layered shirts than a sleek hairstyle and half-wet waves.

My HOT TIPS on creating this look 

  • Directional blow dry the top section with our curved comb 
  • Blow dry the rest of the hair in wide thick sections

(this look is very organic so  with our Time Saver Brush you will have it done in no time at all) 

  • Using the black bungee tape wrap the top pony and loop the hair into a top knot with the tape (OMG how good is bungee tape

Trend #2: The Micro Crimp 

Image from W Magazine

The first night of NYFW really made an impact with Jeremy Scott and his hair metal meets glam rock runway for Spring 2020. It was as if we were transported back in the 80s filled with tacky prints, crazy bright hair, and ruffled lace among others. The eye-popping garments and hair surely made a bang and it is something we can definitely expect out from Jeremy Scott.

My HOT TIPS on creating this look 

Trend #3: Scarf-tied Hair

Image from The Zoe Report

Stylist James Pecis made Kate Spade NYFW hair look laidback and stylish. Thanks to its scarf-tied braided buns that best complemented Kate Spade’s garden setting and floral items. Many remarked the style as relatable and it is something one can do even on a daily basis. 

My HOT TIPS on creating this look 

  • Directional Blow Dry the hair using our Curve comb 
  • Blow Dry the ends in no time at all with our best seller Time Saver Brush 
  • Use the curve comb to scoop the hair into a pony and secure with Bungee Tape 
  • Create a 3 strand braid and tie on your scarf 

Trend #4: Greater Heights

Image from Vogue

Bigger is always better! Guido Palau created a totally amazing style that had everyone in awe. Hair pro Palau created a cartoonish cone-shaped style at Tomo Koizumi. This is something definitely regarded as extreme but I soooooo LOVED IT. 

My HOT TIPS on creating this look 

  • Mouse up that hair! No need to work from wet hair to prep simply work 1 section at a time and and load the hair up with mouse ( I personally like UNITE Elevate mouse) dry in with our Time Saver Brush 
  • Before you set run the HTZ root volumizer over all the root area avoiding the outer edges so its hidden, set with a pencil tong 
  • To mold the shape you will need to make a Hair Bat ( this is a wire coat hanger bent into a triangle shape and covered with a stocking.
  • Together with a hair dryer and hair spray it works a treat 

Trend #5: Hair Accessories

Image from InStyle

Hair accessories were SOOOOOO cool during this year’s NYFW with almost every brand and fashion icon embracing an accessory or two. Sandy Liang featured a lot of silk bows tied throughout the hair, giving it more texture. Pyer Moss also came up with donned wigs and beads from its ponytails to buns. Prabal Gurung featured fresh flowers sculpted on their models’ heads, and combs for Tory Burch.

NYFW 2019 truly gave us hair inspiration that we can recreate in our salons right now.

If you’re after some beautiful accessories, we stock all the KELA charms and chains on our website

You should also checkout what’s new (especially for hair inspo) at Urchin Collective’s website.   

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Bridal consultation tips

Have you ever had a client arrive in your chair with what she thinks is clean and dry hair? In that case, here are my bridal consultation tips.

But it’s oily at the crown – and let’s not talk about the nape!

Over the years, I can honestly say this used to happen to me way too often – and I made a decision that if it ever happened again it was MY FAULT!

Why? Because I didn’t educate or train my bride on how to prepare her hair during our consultation. Think about it: a bride comes to you and she has a file full to the brim of pictures of the dress, the wedding venue, the flowers, and quite often she even has a sample of her dress fabric. 

But where in her planning folder is the hairdresser? 

We need to be in this folder, because if you’ve simply just instructed her to have clean, dry hair when she arrives, you can bet she will either forget, or worse, plop a dollop of shampoo on the top of her head andstart to spread. By the time it gets anywhere near the nape there’s not enough left to remove any excess oils. 

But where in her planning folder is the hairdresser? 

We need to be in this folder, because if you’ve simply just instructed her to have clean, dry hair when she arrives, you can bet she will either forget, or worse, plop a dollop of shampoo on the top of her head andstart to spread. By the time it gets anywhere near the nape there’s not enough left to remove any excess oils. 

We eliminate this by not only verbally educating them, but also by making our preparation instructions visual with our consultation sheet. We added in head sheets so I can draw the hot spots and explain to them how to shampoo properly. 


Make yourself the expert! Be fun and firm in your conversation with a client. After all, I’d say hairdressing is 80-90% communication skills. Do you agree? (leave me a comment below).

So my conversation might go a bit like this:

Lorna: Sally would you like your hair on your wedding day to be amazing?

Sally: Well, YES! YES I would.

Lorna: Me too, that’s why I need you to follow my crucial preparation instructions to the T, so when I arrive, your hair is the perfect canvas for me to work my magic on. Are you up for that?

Sally: I sure am! So what should I do?

By having this conversation, you now have your client’s attention and she is listening to her expert stylist: YOU! 

Now it’s time to step her though what you’d like her to shampoo & condition with. I also personally like my clients to apply a light oil (I use UNITE U oil) and apply the first layer of mouse to her wet hair (I use UNITE Elevate Mouse). It’s also the time to share with her how to get the most beautiful blow dry at home with my Time Saver Brush.

You also need to make sure that she knows NOT to put the straighteners through her hair after she has blow dried it (you would be surprised how many clients think they’re helping you by doing this).

The trial is your time to shine, and time to make YOU the expert that your client will listen to, respect and best of all: tell all her friends about! All because you have gone that one step further.

Do you have a unique way of educating your clients? 

I would LOVE for you to share your bridal consultation tips in the comments below. After all, sharing what we do is how we learn!

Want a copy of the consultation sheet? Click here to have it sent straight to your Messenger inbox. Online bridal hair courses available via The Collective.

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How long is too long to spend on a bride?

Exactly how long to spend on a bride is a great question and one that really needs to be talked about. 
Why? Because time is money.
Unless you’re styling hair for a hobby – and let’s look at the definition:

“An activity that someone does for pleasure when they are not working”

Then we need to make sure that, as a professional. you can earn what you’re worth! 

Some of the mistakes I see stylists make again and again are:

·      Failing to factor in the prep time for naturally curly or frizzy hair 

·      Say no (or even forget!) it’s okay, I won’t charge extra to prep all your hair extensions. By the way – we should also be the stylist ordering and charging retail price for any extensions that are needed. After all, we’re the professionals and we know exactly what colour, length and type is best. 
I personally LOVE Amazing Hair Australia. Tell them I recommended you and they’ll look after you! 

·      Not being honest about the fact that some looks just take longer to create. If you have a client with loads of hair wanting vintage waves, will this take you longer? HELL YES! 

We also need to know when to stand back from your work and STOP!

If you’ve given yourself a timeframe, stick to it (within reason)! It’s so easy to keep fiddling, and my pet hate, adding more and more hairspray.

Have you ever noticed that when you stop, BREATH and stand back from your work, you can always see what needs to be tweaked? 

Is your work balanced?
Can you see ANY PINS?
Are there flyaway hairs? 

I can’t emphasise this point enough – SERIOUSLY. When you do this I promise you will turn your work from good to GREAT!

You also need to keep control of the wedding party. Make sure in your consultation time you make it clear that you need the WHOLE wedding party to have super clean, dry hair BEFORE you arrive.

Wedding parties are FUN and I personally love them, but WOW in the early days I had loads of nightmare stories: dirty hair, wet hair, Nana on the phone from overseas so I couldn’t start the hair for 45 minutes, bridesmaids in tears because they don’t want to wear the look the bride wants, Mum is late because she is BUSY, and so many more.

I’m sure you have heaps you could add to my list (please let us all know in our Facebook group, we would love to help you!

join my closed Facebook group Lorna Evans Education Students Connect.

And if you’ve ever been confused on how to charge for your time and looking for online bridal hair courses then check out my NEW Build Your Business Planner!


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How much do you charge for bridal hair?

Should I charge the same as the salon or stylist in my area? Exactly how much do you charge for bridal hair?

How about travel time and product, how do I factor that in? 
Do I charge for my time or my skill?

If you have ever asked this question (and seriously I have been asked these questions hundreds of times – you’re not the only one!) then you need to have a look at my NEW Build Your Business Planner. 

It’s designed to work out what YOU should charge for a bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride and flower girl. It will even help you work out how to charge for travel, how to factor in your skill level and you can even send your bride an invoice!

I have set a quick series of questions to help you determine what skill level you’re at in the industry and what you’re currently charging for your time. This helps us quickly determine the recommended minimum amount you should be charging to look after a bridal party!

Then it’s on to BUILDING your business! And like ALL businesses, it takes work and money to market your amazing services and continue your long hair styling training. 

But how much should I spend on marketing and training? 

Glad you asked! My program will guide you all the way and help you plan by giving you multiple recommended budgets based on your predicted income for the year!

But I’m not tech savvy! 
There is NO need to worry! I have made the planner SUPER EASY to use, and if you do have any questions please 

join my closed Facebook group Lorna Evans Education Students Connect. 

I will be there to answer all your questions plus online bridal hair courses too.

The program is a one off fee of ONLY $49.00 

And the unlimited support is totally FREE!


Before you purchase your planner, would you like to join me for a FREE webinar on one of the hottest braids of 2019? 


Join me live on September 9th 10AM-12PM.

I’ll share my Bubble Braid and 3 ways to use it in your salon.

PLUS I will walk you though the Build Your Business Planner so you can get the most out of it. 

Cant watch it live?
That’s okay, I’ll send you the link to watch the replay. And don’t forget, you can ask the questions in our closed Facebook group.

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Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo 2019

Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo really does have the most beautiful vibe! 

We had a fantastic two days sharing our love of styling and demonstrating on our stand how our tools can help save time and make styling easier. 

This year was a whole different education experience with all the education rooms being on the expo floor. Both our Look & Learn and Hands-On Workshop was a total SELL OUT!

I also had the pleasure of styling a wig for the team from Anniss&Barton’s live photoshoot workshop. The boys are fantastic photographers, and Charlotte Ravet’s makeup is flawless. 


This was all about EASY LOOKS in 4 sections that you can create in 45 minutes or under. 

Look 1 – Bubble Bun & Flowers  

To create this look we used the Curve Comb and Bungee Tape to place the hair in a high ponytail. I then showed how to do the bubble braid technique which I turned and folded to make the bun shape. We’ve had so much fun with the bubble braid (click here to see the looks we created at Hair Expo in the Look & Learn Theatre)

Join me live on August 26th, or watch the recording, of our online class where I’ll teach you the bubble braid and 3 looks to use it with (plus a FREE copy of our new Build Your Business Planner valued at $49) OMG – this technique! 

Lady Gaga’s hair stylist, Fredric Aspiras, popped a few hair flowers on Gaga at this year’s Met Gala and BOOM they are all over Pinterest and Insta again! I personally LOVE creating hair flowers.

So, I popped in a few that I made with Amazing Hair Australia wefts. I am always looking for a little something to stand your work out from the crowd. 

Look 2 – Wave It and Roll It 

Waves are always a favourite of mine, and the trick to getting them soft and sexy is all in the prep. I blow dried in UNITE ELEVATE Mousse using the Time Saver Brush to scratch up the hair. I then directionally set the hair and combed it out using the Curve Comb, BIGtail Comb and our extra-long wave clamps. 

To control the base I used a secret scalp braid as a pin cushion, and held it all together with Bungee Tape before securing with a Kingpin.  

Look 3 – The Kimono Chignon

This is one of the most in demand up-styles!

I pulled looks from Pinterest and broke them down using my Jigsaw Puzzle Theory. 

The tools I needed were Time Saver Brush, BIGtail Comb, Secret Bands, Kingpins, bobby pins and my home made Loop De loop (a good old wire coat hanger and electrical tape to make a really sturdy topsy tail) It’s the bomb! 

If you would like a copy of the step by step head sheets feel free to email me and I will gladly send them – info@lornaevanseducation.com.au 

Back stage team 

Kyleen Phillips 

Carmen Rodgers 

Aimee Goleman 

Teyanah Popik

Our beautiful models 

Katie Jane Sharp 

Sophia HarrisBrooke Caple 

Amazing Designer 

Claudia Williams – @werable_art_by_llanicreative_ 


The incredible students from Brisbane School of Hairdressing 


After lunch we had 20 students return for a Hands-On Workshop to put the looks together. It was two hours of pure styling fun! 

Photos Courtesy of Bethany Rabl (Becky B Hair)

The real learning really does happen when you put your hands in the hair. I LOVED the concept of having the Look & Learn, and then returning to play later that day. 


Our Main Stage show was a blast! 

I invited three of my former students to do one look each, showcase their styling skills and talk about how they had used what they learned in my Master Class. 

This still give me goosebumps! As an educator for special occasion hair education, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing students flourish. Great work!

Sandi O’Neill 

Ash O’Neill 

Elizabeth Neal

Back stage team 

Kyleen Phillips 

Carmen Rodgers 

Aimee Goleman 

Our beautiful models 

Katie Jane Sharp 

Sophia Harris

Allira Ashwell 

Amazing Designer 

Matcho Suba The Label 


The incredible students from Brisbane School of Hairdressing 

Next Stop Salon: International – London!

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Hair Expo Sydney 2019!!!


The Queen’s Birthday long weekend really is a festival of HAIR! And we had a ball sharing our LOVE for everything styling. 

I had the pleasure of comparing the Main Stage during Hair Expo Sydney. It was so great to watch all the fantastic talent backstage before each show. Then it was back to what I love the most:  STYLING! At the Amazing Hair Australia Stage, showcasing their incredible extensions, I created a Kimino Chignon.

It’s such a popular look at the moment, so I wanted to break it down and show how easy it is for you to create this look with the help of clip-in extensions and my NEW Kingpin. A HUGE thanks to the people from KELA for supplying the beautiful pearls that draped this look. 
It’s such a popular look at the moment, so I wanted to break it down and show how easy it is for you to create this look with the help of clip-in extensions and my NEW Kingpin. A HUGE thanks to the people from KELA for supplying the beautiful pearls that draped this look. 



It’s very unusual for me to arrive at a presentation with no models and only my laptop in hand!

Over the past few years you may have learned about my formula on how to charge for Bridal Hair.

I decided to take this idea further during the Hair Expo Sydney, and with the help of a great friend of ours – Matt Bebe – turned it into an easy to use business program for hair stylists and makeup artists.

This was a great way to launch my NEW business planner!

The Build Your Business Planner can help you determine – in just a few questions – what styling level you’re currently working at. It then offers you advice on how to grow to the next level, or maintain your skill set. 

The next stage guides you to work out exactly how much you should be charging, personally, for a Bride, Bridesmaid, Flower Girl & Mother of the Bride. We even help you work out your travel costs.

The planner then moves into budgeting and planning for education and marketing. Finally, we help you map your projected and actual earnings for the future – including an invoice template.

It was so exciting to finally launch our planner and what better way to do it than as part of the Business Program at Hair Expo!

We started the day on the Main Stage with Brad Ngata showcasing the GlamPalm hot tool range. 

The 2 looks I shared were both from this year’s EVOLVE collection. 

  • Makeup – Mariella Minniti 
  • Designer – Adela Zemanova 
  • Models – Kimbery Mclaughlan & Alana Quartly 
  • Hair Extensions – Amazing Hair 

Styling Products used – UNITE Elevate Mouse, UNITE Texturiza spray, UNITE U Argan Oil, UNITE GO365 spray 

Now, onto one of the highlights, of not just the weekend, but of my education career:

The Gen Next Show 

CLICK HERE TO WATCH https://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/gwd3qqz1lo?videoFoam=true

Since February I’ve been making the road trip down to Gippsland TAFE to mentor 6 apprentice hairdressers for Gen Next.

None of the students had ever been to Hair Expo or even seen a hair show before. Our first meeting was sharing the storyboard created by the AMAZING, talented Claudia Williams. She created a brief for the garments she would design especially for the show. 

From this storyboard we then started our own secret Pinterest board, and started to brain storm!
We quickly recognised our theme was LIVING DOLLS (still gives me goose bumps).
On my next visit I had a whole box of human hair wigs from Amazing Hair Australia (of course) and a box of styling products from UNITE. We workshopped how to prep and work with the wigs; we also had to make sure the looks were all different shapes.

Over the next few visits there was a mix of excitement and nerves. I don’t know about you, but I think nerves are good because it means we really care about what we’re doing! The students each worked with a Gippsland TAFE teacher and worked many hours in-between my visits. 

Now let’s talk about the makeup – AGAIN the work of Gippsland TAFE students led by their teacher. Their work blew me away! They stayed to brief – and on the day, to time too!The models and show production was all the work of the wonderful Sally Clark.

WOW – Sally really brought our show to life. The models were all ballerinas, and with just a few rehearsals NAILED IT! Thanks Sally, you are amazing! Before the show we did a full photo shoot of every look with photographer Jason Lau 

 Now its show time – OMG the energy in the prep room was electric!!! 


Look & Learn Theatre – From the Camera to the Salon – with Jason Lau

This is personally my favourite stage to showcase my work, as we have a whole hour with the audience. 

We had 3 pre-done models that we shared in a live photo shoot. We also went though our HOT TIPS on creating your own salon collection. At the end of the session we shared all the class notes straight to the attendees Messenger. If you would like a copy of the notes click the link below and comment ‘camera’ in the comments.

Styling Stage – Deconstruct/ Reconstruct 

This was a perfect way to end our Hair Expo Sydney presentations, showing how the 3 finished looks were created for the Live Shoot. I am totally in Love with the Bushels Braid at the moment and showed the audience how I created it. 

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Prepping Hair Secrets Unlocked

Thanks to everyone who joined our Facebook live on preparation!

If you missed it WATCH NOW along with the show notes for my prepping hair secrets unlocked.

These were the KEY POINTS:

Consultation with your client before she arrives is so important!


Because the best hair secrets unlocked pre starts with shampoo, conditioner, Argan Oil & styling product.

You’ll also notice on my consultation form, there is a head sheet. I use this to educate my client on exactly how to shampoo their hair and not miss the HOT SPOTS a lot of people leave oily – the crown and nape.

I love and recommend the following products by UNITE

–     Or if the hair is thick I recommend the UNITE Blow & Set Lotion.

For LONG LASTING CURLS my hot tips were:

  • Add in a second layer of styling product. Don’t be shy with the amount of product you use! It’s better to have the hold prior to dressing, so that way your hairspray is only for finish.
  • Prep the root area with the htz Hot Teaze! It’s the best root volumiser I have ever You don’t even have to section the hair – there’s a dial you set to exactly how thick you want your sections. Soooo easy and quick!!!
  • Use a heat glove with your tong so you can smooth all the little ends, and also feel it when you heat the hair all the way through. I use the GlamPalm Magic Wand. It comes with a glove!
  • Always pin curl your curls until cool.

Glass clean finish

Another thing for my hair prepping secrets even during special occasion hair education would be to blow dry the hair with the brush on top of the section, and not your traditional blow dry with the brush under the section. I use my Timesaver Brush so I can take wide sections and get more tension to ensure I get a glass finish.


  • Take the time to do a good blow dry before you add your texture set. This will ensure you still have shine in the hair. Remember, there is a difference between messy and messy.
  • And my very favourite product to use for texture is UNITE Expanda Dust and the UNITE Texturiza Spray (avoid a traditional hair spray).

Lorna Evans Hair Consultation sheet CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

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Lorna’s 5 tips to Modern Finger waves

Lorna’s 5 tips to Modern Finger Waves

A huge thanks to everyone who joined me live on Facebook to share my love of Modern finger waves.

Don’t worry if you missed it live, this is the link to watch it again.

I also would like to do a huge shout out to Jayden from B’ Me salon and his amazing employer Maree for sharing his first attempt at Finger Waves???

Jayden is a first year apprentice and I think you would agree he absolutely nailed it! Jayden you are welcome on my back stage team any time.

As promised please here is the link to the head sheets

CLICK HERE  for Modern finger waves HAND OUT

I suggest to print them out, hold a team training session and pop the handout on the salon notice board.







This truly is your golden moment and special occasion hair education to ensure your waves have hold.

If you like your client to arrive with clean dry hair, make sure you recommend what and how they need to shampoo & condition with – we have all experienced a client who turned up with oily limp hair and expects miracles 😂

It’s also important you recommend what products you would like in the hair from wet to dry.

– Ok your turn – on dry hair apply a second layer of product and blow dry in 4 – 5 sections using our Timesaver Brush  – use the Curve comb around the hairline if needed.


Refer to the head sheet

Divide the sections into two channels

Using a Glampalm Magic wand (I love the size of this barrel it’s 25mm and just seems to be a perfect size barrel for 99% of my work, oh and the hair always feels amazing because of the healing stone finish.

Set all of channel 1 forward, on base for maximum volume

Set all of channel 2 backward, on base.

Allow to cool


Pin on a plastic sleeve under the set section, This is the easiest way I have found to be able to comb the waves into place without catching the back of the hair.


Using a curve comb and wave clamps secure the waves.

Use the Bigtail comb on each clamp to lift the clamp and push the hair up for a sharper wave

Secure the back section of the hair into a side pony using the ammmmmazing Bungee tape – To use the tape peel only a little corner of the hair and pop the tape under your finger, then simply wrap around removing the out side plastic.

Rouche out with the help of our Bigtail comb

Twist the hair and form your shape at the nape – secure with our all NEW Kingpins


Take out the wave clamps one at a time and using mini size bobby pins turn on there side and slip in the troughs of the waves to hold.

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Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo 2018

2018 Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo 

 This was the 4th year that we’ve both educated and exhibited at Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo and it’s been so great to see it grow to be such a great event. The exhibition floor was abuzz with a mix of education and live competitions – with over 500 competitors! It was such a pleasure to judge both the Vintage Bride and the Avant-garde sections. Congratulations to all the competitors and winners.

Traditional Up-styling

1st-Carmen Rogers-Art Hair studio
2nd-Debbie Schwenderling – Applebom beauty, hair and well being
3rd-Bryce Edwards-Fusion Hair & body

 Avant Garde Up-styling

1st – Piere Taylor-Epic Hair designs
2nd – Luci Monaghan-Dimattia & co
3rd – Kim Astropalitis-Chroma Hair studio


So what did we get up to?

Sunday on the main stage we presented 3 of the looks from our Corde Collection. It was so exciting to showcase how our unique tools help to make styling easier and more efficient. Each look was prepped with our Timesaver Brush and we showed how our NEW BIGtail Comb works.
The soon to be released Kingpin is a total game-changer when it comes to holding long, thick hair and let’s not forget Bungee Tape – the NEW way to secure your pony tails with a seamless finish.
Chatting with visitors at our stand after the show is always a highlight for our team, and one of the comments we were over the moon to receive was:
 “I love visiting your stand because you always have something new and exciting to use”
And to be honest, that’s our goal for every expo and every class: bring something new to keep both us and our students excited and up to date.
My models were dressed by Corde Macrame and the makeup was beautifully done by the students from The Brisbane School Of Beauty.
On Sunday afternoon it was an honour to share the stage with Brad Ngata in our “Runway To Reality” session. Brad showcased 3 amazing runway editorial looks with plenty of glitter and shimmer. 
During the session I also presented 3 looks including loads of techniques to take back to the salon. 
My models were dressed by Gabrielle Stephens from Collecting Pretty Boys, jewellery was from Jeannette Maree & make up for the Expo by The Brisbane School Of Beauty.
 On Monday it was so great to see, among other visitors, bus loads of students! The future of our industry. 
We showcased more looks from our Corde Collection. 
 Every minute the expo was open we educated stylists and makeup artists, showing them how easy our unique tools can make their long hair styling.
Our educators Kyleen Phillips and Aimee Golman were on fire. Lets not forget the child labour, with our daughter Holly at the stand who wore her high pony with Bungee Tape so well. If you have ever called our office you highly likely would have talked to Russell and he really enjoyed talking to you all too.
Keep in touch and see you next year!
A Huge thank you to
Brad Ngata
Amazing Hair 
Collecting Pretty Boys
Corde Macrame 
Kevin Murphy 
Brisbane School Of Beauty ( Make Up )

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Hair Expo 2018 is held in Melbourne every second year and is an electric hub for hairdressers to visit for all over Australia & NZ.

Over the weekend we held 7 shows: 2 main stage, 3 styling stage, 1 Look & Learn Theatre show and 1 show on the Amazing Hair Australia stand. Putting these events on can never happen alone and every year I’m thrilled with the energy, support and love we have from our Back Stage Team, makeup artists, designers and of course the management team from Hair Expo.
Our aim over the hair expo weekend was to educate and inspire stylists and help them realise that styling doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. We also showcased our styling tools that are all designed to make styling easier and faster. We also showcased our soon to be released KING PIN and we are soooooo happy to say our famous TIME SAVER BRUSH was such a huge hit we sold a brush every 4 minutes on the Sunday.


Main Stage – Presenting 3 of the looks from my New Cord^e collection

Main Stage –  It was such a pleasure to work on the Main Stage for Amazing Hair Australia with international stylist Adil Jacques and winner of SA/TAS Hairdresser of the Year Sam James showcasing the best quality hair extensions by Amazing Hair Australia.


Look & Learn Theatre – presenting my top 4 Modern Brides looks for 2018

Styling Stage – Inspired by the Met Gala in NYC

Styling Stage – How to get the best out of Hair Extensions from Amazing Hair Australia: international artist Adil Jaques &  Lorna Evans


Styling Stage – Fast Easy commercial looks

Amazing Hair Australia Stand – Working with The Amazing Secret and stitching

I was also over the moon to be a judge at the 2018 Bride live competition. A HUGE congratulations to winner Tiarne Klimish from Chumba Salon and well done to Michelle Anthony for organising such a fantastic event. Tiarne will join me in Melbourne for my 3 Day Modern Brides class as well as enjoying our Time Saver Brush and NEW BIGtail & Curve Comb set – the styling trifecta.

Over the whole weekend  of the hair expo my talented and beautiful educators Amber White, Kyleen Phillips & Bev Roberts showed how to create looks with our tools. It was such a fantastic buzz every minute of the weekend. We are a family business and it was amazing to have my husband Russell and both my daughters Kaitlyn & Holly to help.

Please make sure you check out all our designers that we had dress our models – seriously, they were just magnificent.

Our team

Amber White
Kyleen Phillips
Beverley Roberts
Holly Evans
Kaitlyn Evans
Russell Evans
Stylists & Designers
Collecting Pretty Boys
Jeanette Maree
Make Up Artist Team 
Vanessa Harlem 
Mariella’s Glama & Makeup Artist 
Back Stage Team 

Tara Johnson
Kristy Vivian
Kerina Marlow
Tiarne Klimisch
Donna Kerr
Jessica Sharp

Lynn Grey

Sarah Conlon

Rose Thorogood

Kim Gault

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Beautyworld Middle East


We’ve just come back from Beauty World Middle East in Dubai! It was the first international expo I’ve attended with my team and it was an amazing experience. Unlike Australian Expos there was a mix of hairdressers, makeup artists and distributors. Beauty World ME had over 1,700 exhibitors from 62 countries! Needless to say, it was a huge 3 days!I’m so proud to be an ambassador for Amazing Hair Australia and it was the beautiful Ariana who encouraged us to exhibit at Beauty World ME. I’d like to give both Ariana and her team a huge shout out and thank them for all their support – it was so fun having you there!




The most exciting thing for us about Beauty World ME was the launch of our soon to be released Kingpin and WOW – we were over the moon with the response we received. I started working on the concept of the new pin over 2 years ago and I’m thrilled to say we’re only a few weeks off being able to release it to the public so you can get this amazing pin in your hands.
Our aim in 2018 is to make your long hair styling even more efficient and professional – creating innovative products is just one way we help stylists like you achieve this. This year we’re making it even easier for you to access these products with a yet to be announced distributor for Australia and around the globe.
Long hair styling has been a passion of mine since I was in the first year of my apprenticeship over 34 years ago. It’s such a great feeling to find common styling problems and help to solve them by developing new tools that save you time and make your finished looks more polished.
Keep an eye out for Kingpin updates because this is a product you’ll definitely need in your kit!
In the mean time check out our store for products that will make your long hair styling faster and more professional from the Timesaver Brush to our latest BIGtail Comb.



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Pricing formula for Long Hair Styling

Have you ever asked another stylist, “how much do you charge for special occasion & bridal long hair styling?”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this question especially during online bridal hair courses, I would never have to work again! Ha – only kidding, how boring would that be!
You may not know this, but I have been a salon owner for over 23 years. At one stage we had 3 salons in very different locations: one in a boutique area on the Mornington Peninsula, one in a Myer store and one in a small shopping centre in Carrum Downs (mid-lower end market).
So when it came to pricing there were so many different factors to consider such as rent, cost of products, etc.
One day I sat down and worked out what we were going to charge for our styling by developing a formula that works around how much each salon charged for a haircut & blow dry. Here it is:

Salon A charges $85.00 for a cut & blow dry.
They take 45min for the service.

$85.00 divided by 60 is $1.88 per minute.

For long hair styling, most stylists want a 60min service:

 $1.88 x 60 = $112.80.

Over the past 17 years I’ve had the pleasure of educating some very, very talented hairdressers who are renowned for their cutting & colour skills. But they were terrified of looking after a bride! I came to the conclusion that styling is an extremely specialised area, and should be charged accordingly. Think about all the extra practice stylists need to be both confident and competent. Haircut & colour clients come into our salons every day so we have so many more opportunities to practice our skills and techniques on a daily basis. When it comes to styling you need be dedication to bring in a model or pull out a long hair doll in your own time.
That’s when I worked out my formula:
If Salon A is charging $112.80 for a 60min appointment, we add on an extra 30% for long hair styling. This equals $146.64, round this off to $146.00 and you have your price!
What if you’re a very confident and fast stylist, so you only need 45min?
My best advice in this situation is: charge for your skill, not your time. If you’ve learned and practiced so much that you can create the perfect waves that will last all night, finger waves that don’t droop, smooth chignons, sexy stitched up curls and fashion week ponytails – then you’re worth every cent!
I hope this helps you answer the million dollar question – how much to you charge for long hair styling?

Join me in the class room in 2018!
Melbourne – Sydney- Perth – Adelaide – Brisbane – Gold Coast 

If you can’t make it into the class, join our online education!

Happy styling and keep in touch on our closed Facebook page: Lorna Evans – Students Connect.

Lorna Evans Education Pin Hair
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What to do when long hair styling goes wrong.

Our world is full of beautiful looks. You’ll find stunning long hair styling created by talented stylists on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google and in every corner of the internet. But let’s face it, even the best stylists in the world sometimes create looks that just don’t look great and this can lead them to lose a little – or a lot – of confidence in their ability to do their job well.

If anyone ever tells you their work is HOT all the time, they’re lying (harsh, I know!)

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been creating a look and it’s just not coming together like you envisioned?

Today I’m going to talk about what to do when styling goes wrong and share with you some tips I’ve personally found have helped me recover in situations like this.

  1. Stay calm! Remember, you’re styling hair not curing cancer. Have you ever noticed the more flustered you get, the worse the look will be? Concentrate on your breathing, and keep communication open with your client at all times.
  2. This tip is probably one of my biggest lessons I teach in my class. If you have pinned, pony tailed, stitched or placed a section of hair and
    a) It didn’t work as well as you hoped or
    b) Requires loads more pins to fix what you have doneDo yourself a favour – TAKE THE SECTION OUT and start again!

This sounds simple, but it took me years to feel confident enough to redo a section because I was worried my client would think, “she can’t do it – my stylist is in trouble!”
GET OVER YOURSELF (sounds harsh, but I had to give myself this pep talk).

It will both be quicker and look better if you take it out out and redo – I PROMISE. Your client won’t mind, all you need to say is “I’m just not 100% happy with how this section is sitting. It will take me less time to just redo it than try and fix it later.”

Now that wasn’t so hard was it?

  1. Let’s chat about photo shoot work now. Many times I’ve spent hours and hours of prep time on a look that I want to shoot. It looks amazing on my doll but when it comes time to creating the look on my model it just does not work at all.

I needed to learn to NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR IDEAS! We’ve had many shoots where I’ve had to speak up and say to my photographer and styling crew, “sorry we need half an hour to redo this look because its just NOT WORKING.”

I also truly believe a good brief before you start prep is super important. It only takes 5 minutes and can set you up for a smooth and happy day together with your team. This was a hot tip I learned in my REDKEN days that has stayed with me for years. If something isn’t working, a good support team won’t just say “oh that looks nice”, a good support team will notice what’s not looking good and bring it to your attention. Nice means…

N – Not

I – Interested To

C – Care

E – Enough

If you set this rule in place before the madness of the day starts you will all be assured a successful day together.

Now you know what to do and what will work for you in the future, add it into your consultation process and team brief before you get started. That way clients know you’re only going to do what makes the hair look fantastic, not what makes you feel more comfortable.

I hope this bit of advice helps you in your world of styling and special occasion hair education – we are so blessed to have a career we love.


Looking to take your long hair styling skills and confidence to the next level in 2018? Hands on workshops are the best way to learn and places are filling fast! See if Lorna Evans Education is coming to a city near you in 2018.

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So we launched our Back to Basics series on Monday and we want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came along! It was so much fun and inspiring to see everyone live and learning. We always use live models who are dressed by the amazing Gabrielle from Collecting Pretty Boys and our makeup for the first two sessions was by the very talented Vanessa Harlem.

“Absolutely loved the first session & feeling so inspired” – Jane T

In our first session the looks we covered were a Glass Clean Chignon and the 3D Braid. We talked about the perfect preparation, what product to use and why – and of course which tools we need to take our long hair styling to the next level.
Here are some short highlights from our sessions.

One of the best things about our special occasion hair education is accessibility – you can watch live or in your own time. It’s so exciting to see students watching live and asking questions. And in our closed Facebook group there are always students asking questions and sharing work as they watch the sessions recorded in their own time.

In our next Back to Basics class we’ll be learning how to do the Perfect Pony Tail and Rope Braid & Chignon. If you want to join us and become part of our global community of stylists then click here to learn more about what you learn in our Back to Basics online education.


Session 2 of our Back to Basics online education aired on Tuesday – thanks to everyone who watched live! It’s so awesome seeing students asking questions and being engaged – interactive learning really is the best.

This time the looks we covered were the Perfect Pony Tail and Rope Braid & Chignon. These are really important looks for modern stylists to be able to create as they’re so popular when it comes to special occasion styling in 2018.


I love sharing my styling knowledge with students from around the world and seeing them share their work in our closed Facebook group. Without a doubt, after each session there’ll be students working hard on their own mannequins and sharing their work with us for feedback. It’s so inspiring to watch their skills and confidence improve ALREADY!


We had our third Back to Basics online education session on Wednesday! This was one of my favourites and a really important one because we covered Dutch Braid & Soft Bun and Red Carpet Waves.

Waves are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to special occasion styling so it’s crucial that hair stylists know how to create this look and do it well.

As always – seeing everyone live and asking questions was fantastic. I love connecting with my students, it makes the learning experience so much better. Check out what Domenica had to say about our Back to Basics course:

Thank you so much! I love these webinars and am learning so much from them. What means the most for me, is that they are engaging and I am retaining the info and that is always half my battle. Loving this! I am a sole operator of a skin clinic and just completed makeup artistry and wanting to add hair to my skill set and I couldn’t be happier with what I am learning! – Domenica C

It’s never to late to join Back to Basics – we’ve only got one more live session but we record every class so you can always access our educational content. And the closed Facebook group means you can connect with Lorna and other students no matter when you join us!

CLICK HERE to learn more about our Back to Basics online education today.

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Lorna’s Top 10 Tips for Blow Drying

Sharing my top 10 tips for blow drying:

  1. ONLY work on super clean hair! Go right back to your trade school days and give your client 2 shampoos, or even 3 if you’re dealing with thick hair.
  2. Pat dry and avoid rubbing the hair vigorously, this helps to keep the cuticle smooth.
  3. Make sure your blow dryer is light weight – I like the ghd or the Parlux. And always remember to blow dry with the nozzle on the end of the dryer.
  4. I personally like to apply a small amount of oil, mid-lengths to ends, before adding any styling products. This helps seal the cuticle, and as an added bonus slides the hair through the brush easier.
  5. NEVER hold the brush in one direction and the dryer in another. The key to a good blow dry is symmetry!
  6. Use a paddle brush and blast dry the hair to 80% dry, but never tip the head upside down because this creates frizz.
  7. Starting at the nape of the neck, take wide sections as long as your brush head can hold. The width of your section should be the width of the round brush you are using.
    Have you ever noticed a good session stylist will always use a bristle brush and avoid a ceramic one? This is because the boar bristle will create tension on the hair, and in turn will give you a smoother cleaner finish.
  8. Don’t let any of the dry section mix in with the damp section. WHY? Because dry hair + damp hair = FRIZZ
  9. Avoid over drying – it’s a common mistake that can damage the hair. A lot of people think that running the dryer over the section hundreds of times will eliminate frizz but it’ll only make it worse. Dry only until it feels dry to touch.
  10. Finish each section with a blast of cold air, this sets your blow dry and helps determine if the hair is dry! Make sure to follow these tips for blow drying.
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How to get Lorna Evans to YOUR home town

At Lorna Evans Education we consistently get requests to visit various areas all over Australasia.   As much as Lorna would love to host her workshops everywhere, her travel has to be worth the many expenses involved. The great news is, there is so much YOU can do to help, as was the case earlier this year.

 One evening in February, Lorna received a random Facebook message asking her to come to Invercargill, New Zealand. Lorna had time available so she wrote back a few options. Together, the ladies were able to find a mutually beneficial time, and Lorna’s travel was promised based on a minimum number of students.

 Combined, the women embarked on a path that resulted in a phenomenally successful venture. Not only that, but a lady from a town called Paraparaumu on the Kapiti Coast caught on and invited Lorna to her area as well, which resulted in another terrific workshop! The ladies from both areas can be completely credited for making this all happen. This is their story:

Natasha King – First Point of Contact and Member of the NZ Association of Registered Hairdressers

“I am based in the Southland of New Zealand. Our sub committee wanted to have someone of Lorna’s status visit our region to give an opportunity to our local stylists that would normally be out of reach.  I took a chance and reached out to her via a Facebook message. Lorna started interacting with me right away and was very positive about the possibility of travelling to our little area. Together with the ladies from Halcyon Salon, who ended up hosting the event, we found the perfect class format and dates for her visit”.


Kyla Mclean – Halcyon Salon and President of the NZ Association of Registered Hairdressers

 “We never get the likes of Lorna on our doorstep so to have her here was huge! We began marketing the possibility of her visit by putting a survey on our Association Facebook page asking what they would like to learn from Lorna if she were to visit our area. A lot had seen her at an Expo, plus follow her on social media, so the mention of her name got people excited.”

 “The survey gave us a great idea on what the majority of our stylists wanted to learn from Lorna, which helped us determine the type of classes to offer. We ended up giving our stylists a choice:   A Look & Learn evening, an interactive day, or attending both. This set up was terrific and easier to sell – it allowed more levels to get the benefit of Lorna while she was here, from apprentices all the way to senior stylists”.

Once the class dates, format and locations were locked in, the staff at Lorna Evans Education were able to create professional artwork to help sell the class. Lorna shared all of the information throughout her own personal networks and on social media, but the ladies from Invercargill were the ones to ultimately get the numbers:

Natasha King

 The next piece of the puzzle was to sell the class and sell it quickly. We needed a minimum of 15 bookings to make it worth Lorna’s expenses to come over. Thankfully, we have a very active and passionate membership here in Southland so we were quite confident of getting the numbers required. It’s not often that we get people of this caliber so we knew it would be popular”.


 Kyla Mclean

 “We marketed her visit within our Calendar of Events, we used Facebook to engage with all of our local and neighbor industry peers, plus word of mouth and Lorna’s reputation speaks for itself. If I were to offer any advice I would say go around and personally invite your local peers, the power of interaction is greater than an email! Get excitement buzzing over social media, make sure to get everyone to like and share and it will happen”. 

“I decided if it was good enough for Invercargill to host Lorna it was worth trying to get her to come to the Kapiti Coast. I asked Lorna how many people she would need to attend to make it work and made it my mission to get the numbers. Lorna made it easy to organise. I put it on my Facebook page and we got people to share it. We also put it on the New Zealand professional hairdressing Forum Facebook page. Our Wellington Regional Hairdressing Association worked hard to promote it as well. It was amazing. Everything ran really smoothly. Lorna was great, she kept it fun and it is always nice to be in the company of like-minded people. The group size was good and having Lorna at our salon was really special”.

 The Invercargill ladies were very successful in selling the class. Nearly 30 people attended the Look & Learn session, with 16 following on to do the workshop the next day. In Paraparaumu the class was a terrific size of 11 students. Both trips were well worth Lorna’s travel and time, and the exercise proved that, by combining local area knowledge and Lorna Evans Education expertise, Lorna can successfully visit anywhere.


The ladies had a few final tips to share:

 Kyla Mclean: “This was HUGE for us – we are barely a city located at the bottom of the South Island often forgotten about. No one comes here – we wanted to change that! We have the most passionate hairdressers down here that are hungry for education. It really meant the world to us to have her in our space. Halcyon was designed so we could accommodate education like this, so, build it and they will come!”

 Natasha King: “The courses delivered were very well received. We have only had positive feedback. I have already suggested to all the other regions that they can approach Lorna themselves to offer a similar setup to their membership. They were surprised to find out that there was very little cost to us as such and that made them very excited”.

 Angela Enoka: “People need to invest in their careers because you never stop learning – it’s inspiring and motivating. Encourage maybe two like-minded salons to get together. Get the hairdressing associations together and get on board with promoting the class”.

 Kyla Mclean: “Don’t be afraid to ask”!

To reach out to Lorna regarding a private visit, get in contact via info@lornaevanseducation.com.au  You never know – your stars may align just as they did in New Zealand!

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Helping to create a live two hour photo shoot is both exciting and nerve wracking, but the results speak for themselves.
Like someone once said “it takes pressure to make Diamonds”.
The Australian Style Institute is a great organisation where fashion Stylists can receive training, mentoring and support to succeed in Australia’s thriving style and image industry.
I was here to to create some fantastic hair looks with the assistance of Sarah Conlon.
Together with a fantastic team of creatives we showcased the future of Fashion at the Australian Style Institute launch soirée .
Creative Director – Lauren Di Bartolo.
Photography – Jason Lau Photography.
Models – Scene Model Management, Brittany and Natalia.
Makeup – Beauty Edu.
Hair Artist – Lorna Evans Education.
Clothing  – Wearable Art by Saphire, Saphire Gaskas, Gorman, Once Was, (my Senso boots!)
Accessories – Karlie Gartner Accessories
Stylists – Jelena Creedon, Samantha La Porte and Jenita Porter.
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This was the 2nd year of Brisbane Hair 2016 & Beauty Expo and we had a ball!!!!! 

We had an action packed 2 days starting Sunday on the Main stage show casing four of the looks from my NEW “CHATTER BOX” collection.

It was such fun collection to both put together and showcase, WHY? Because it took me out side of my comfort zone and made me think outside the square.

My message on stage was our clients don’t ask for these kind of looks however as a stylist (A) I use and practice the same skills that go into commercial looks (B) It keeps me inspired as a hairdresser, so if I am personally inspired my clients will stay inspired.

After coming off Main Stage we headed straight back to the prep room to prepare for our 90min A – Z Of Bridal Look & Learn

We had a full house of stylists & MUA keen to learn our tips & tricks from the preparation of the hair through to a beautiful finish.

It was fantastic to hear that so many people in the audience were already using my favorite WHITE SANDS styling products.

Day 2 – We were back on the Main Stage to show case four more Modern Bridal looks

Of course over the 2 days we also had our Education stand that was all about LONG HAIR STYING – Tools and Education by my AMMMMMMMAZING educators Amber & Kyleen.

If you were at the event you may also have met my daughter Holly, Husband Russell and one of my salon stylists Jo on the stand. It’s extremely important to me to have a LOT OF FUN at all our events because I truly believe FUN + EDUCATION = Education for life for both you as a learner and us as educators.

After the Brisbane Expo, shows or workshops there is always so many people to thank.

Brisbane Hair & Beauty Team

White Sands

Amazing Hair Australia

Matcho Suba the label

Arleen D’monte

Lea Oldjohn

Jewellery: Jeanette Maree

Makeup: Brisbane school of hairdressing

Our beautiful Models







And always to my amazing education team

Amber & Kyleen   you both xx

Our back stage team

Amy Flynn


Tracey Scott

Aimee Goldman


Crystal Senior

Nicole Scott

Janine Derecourt

Cherrie Mills

Our Education stand team

Jo Allen

Holly Evans

Russell Evans

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Hair Expo 2016

Wooooooow now that was a Hair Marathon!

Sat – Main Stage

Sun – Look & Learn Theatre

Sun – Main Stage for Amazing Hair Australia

Mon – Hands on Bridal workshop

Every Day Styling demonstrations on our stand.

So many people to thank!!!!

Amber & Kyleen what beautiful work you both created.

Russell, Jo & Bev worked the stand sooooo well Thank you xxxxx

Melisa Moustakas , Sokley, Jade & Sheray thanks so much for all your help!

My ammmmmmmmmmazing back stage team


Teresa Peh, Trena Christensen, Zoe Wilde, Emma Kyle, Estelle Carrol, Danielle Stewart, Teagan Munroe

Bev Roberts, Jayde Bell, Erin Johns, Sarah Conlon, Laurel Stratford, Bethany Gillie, Suzi Morgan

Teresa Salafranca, Brooke Moody, Sarah Mitchell,  Lynne Grey, Melinda Thursfield, Kristy Vivian, Jessica Sharp

Make Up Artists

Melissa Maier, Bernice Mansfield

Models sent from Heaven!!!!!!

Danni Barnett ,Rachael Oloughlin, Ellie Jeffrie

Jessica Nicole Griffiths, Melanie Kirby, Katie – Katie- Jane Sharp


Matcho Suba , Lea Oldjohn,  Arlene D’Monte, Jeanette Cleary

Your talent speaks for its self thank you all so very much xxxxxxxxx

Our sponsors

White Sands Hair Products, Kryolan, Amazing Hair Australia

And last but not least a massive thanks to the ammmazing team at Hair Expo 2016 for believing in my education xxxxxx

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Haircare Australia Magazine – Interview


If you can attract 6 wedding parties per year to your salon consisting of

1 Bride @ $120

1 Bridal trial @ $120

3 Bridesmaids @ $330

1 Flower Girl @ $70

1 Mother of the Bride @ $85

The total cost is $725

Multiply this by the 6 wedding parties – $725 x 6 = $4350

Let’s now look at school formals. As we know, teenagers come in packs – they NEVER come alone!

If you can attract 6 different schools to visit your salon and they come in groups of 4, expect the following revenue….

4 x Debutantes or school formals @ $440

Multiply this by 6 schools – $440 x 6 = $2640

Over the past 20 years of specializing in styling, I have always been aware that the cut and colour service in my salons creates the most amount of money for my till. You would not believe how many other salons refer our salon for their client’s big day. Of course, at the time they are thinking they will only come for the one visit and then return to their much loved stylist, but we have trained our team how to add into the consultation “If I ever had the opportunity to colour your hair, I would suggest we did ……… ”

This client is always given a $50 gift card off their first colour service. Ipromise you this has proven over the years to grow our regular colour business.

So let’s say you have now attracted only 4 of the styling clients to become regular 6 week colour clients

– 4 colour clients visiting every 6 weeks = 8.66 visits per year All have an average bill of $150 (I have kept the colour cost very conservative)

This equates to a further $5196 IN YOUR TILL !!!!! per year

So let’s add all this up

6 Bridal Parties $ $4350

24 Formal hair styles $2640

4 New colour clients $5196

Total extra – $12,186 in YOUR TILL !!!!!!

Right now I am hoping you are thinking “OMG! Lorna Evans is looking at very low numbers I am sure I could attract more business than that if I am AMAZING at styling!” And you would be right – the work is out there  – your clients and the salon down the road’s clients are always going to have a special occasion in their lives so  DON’T MISS THESE AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES !!!!!!

Best of all, when you feel confident at styling, your job is no longer a job – it’s just fun making people look and feel great.

  • Some other statistics….   More than 120,000 weddings took place in Australia this year and the numbers are still on the increase!
  • NSW      - approx 40,500 weddings per year
  • VIC         – approx 27,700 weddings per year
  • QLD       - approx 26,300 weddings per year
  • WA         - approx 12,100 weddings per year
  • SA          - approx 8,200 weddings per year
  • TAS        – approx 2,600 weddings per year
  • ACT        – approx 1,600 weddings per year
  • NT          - approx 900 weddings per year
  • The average bride in Australia is now 29
  • The average groom in Australia is now 31
  • The average cost of a wedding isapproximately $30,000
  • 75% of these weddings are first marriages
  • 66% of weddings today are performed by a civil celebrant
  • Brides spend approximately 200 hours planning their wedding day

Thank you for reading my article in Haircare Australia Magazine, even though the figures relate to Australian statistics I think that they translate to any market around the world.

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To increase your confidence in Long Hair styling please click one of the links below


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HAIR EXPO 2014 – Press Release

Lorna Evans Education Hit Hair  Expo with a roar !!!

Over the 3 days Lorna and her team show cased 40 long hair styling looks .

It was kicked off Sat with 3 models on the ghd stand show casing a look from Lorna’s last photo shoot workshop a look straight off the runway in Paris using her famous jumbo needle and lastly a look that has become one of our salons bread and butter look Finger waves.

Now it was onto Lorna’s own Education stand , This is the 2nd year Lorna has taken a stand at Expo and between Lorna her team Amber & Kyleen they showcased 24 models over the 3 days that worked out to be 1 mode; per hour !

At 4pm it was time to create a look on the Culture & Lil Off The Top stand for a real live client Kelly Karousel from Culture mag , Lorna created a easy to achieve vintage French roll with her Padding Mix a bungee and a jumbo needle.

No rest for the wicked with a  Main Stage show set on  Sunday at 10.15am it was a 5.30am call time for prep , Lorna , Amber & Kyleen  show cased 3 modern Brides and 3 Evening / Avant Guard looks

Monday it was seminar time !!!!! Launching Lorna’s new collection “SPINACLE “

Inspired by shape and Fun!!!!!

So all in all Lorna Evans Education shared over 40 looks in 3 days!!!!!

Lorna was thrilled to be a finalist at the Awards night for Educator Of The year

Education is such an important part of our industry it not only keeps our skills high it keeps stylist motivated and driven to love and continue to stay in the industry.


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NZ Auckland Workshop & GHD Look & Learn Evening

Starting with a look and learn evening for ghd on Monday 14th July at The Pullman Hotel with over 75 attendees. Lorna show cased looks from her latest collections ‘SPINNACLE & ENTWINED’. “The look and learn evenings are designed to send stylist back to their salons feeling inspired and pumped to create their own looks”

Then it was on to 2 days of hands on education for Lorna’s own ‘Lorna Evans Education, Long Hair Secrets Unlocked Workshop’, at Servilles Academy, Auckland. “Exceptional, really gave me the confidence I needed, inspiration to excite me and my team, you’re wonderful, can’t wait to see you again, thank-you” Testimonial from a participant who attended the Auckland two day workshop “It is proven that hands on learning has a far higher effect on improving skill level, my workshop covers 10 looks over the 2 days to take back to their salons and help them grow their special occasion business “

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Catwalk for a Cause

Lorna Evans was back stage on Sat 12th at the exquisite Morning Star Estate in Mount Eliza, the event –  ‘Catwalk for a Cause’ was to raise money for breast cancer and was organized by Jessica Martini

(Mornington Peninsulas current Miss Galaxy)

The styling was by local Mornington designers covering everything from sleep wear, swim wear , day wear and evening wear.

The brief for the hair was looks from Dolce and Gabbana’s latest runway show.

To create the look

Prep- Rough dry into  the hair with Moroccanoil gel to give texture.

Section out the hair in the shape you want to create.

Using a soft brush tease the hair in its sections.

Roll and pin into place using the med hold Moroccanoil hair spray.

Using a damp car chamois, skim the top of the hair to create a natural fluffy finish.