Dressed Metal – Photoshoot Workshop 2014

Mentored by Lorna Evans
Assisted by Amber White & Kyleen Phillips
Photographer – Jason Lau
Makeup – Kate McCleary
Assisted by Melissa Maier
Styling – Elaine Marshal
Designer – Lisa Taranto & Lea Oldjohn
Product Sponsors – Amazing Hair – Haircare Aust – Moroccanoil – Prestige Partners

2014 Photoshoot Team

Catherine Hassaratti
Heba Partasides
Molly Cooper
Victoria Padman
Denise Xidias
Sarah Penno
Laurel Stratford
Cassie Blacker
Nichole Chambers
Lynne Grey
Nikki Crowther
Anne Marie Brown
Kerina Marlow
Rochelle Nevo
Beverley Robertson
Sue Bryar


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