Expo: Excelling at all things Exceptional


What a darling the harbour of the same name turned out to be this year for me as Sydney’s Convention and Exhibition Centre welcomed me with open arms as I took my first ever stand at Hair Expo. This is where I really put my education brand – Lorna Evans Education – out there for human consumption!

Most will know Expo brings together the southern hemisphere’s hairdressing community to showcase the hottest brands and products, education, talent and live performances. And pulsating their way through the very veins of the event were texture, color, creativity and the confidence to fight with the principles of design. The hair and make up artists showed this through their work.
Education and training is the definite key to success. Great oaks from little acorns grow, they say, and by keeping on top of the game, artists in the hair and beauty industry most certainly do keep ahead of the trends to break away, giving everyday styling an edge.

I am a huge fan of audience participation and was thrilled when, at the end of my on-stage session, viewers came up on stage to view at close hand my fingerwave styling. Colour was used everywhere and it was great to see people not being afraid of using it to achieve outstanding results.

I was humbled at the amount of attention and positive energy my stand received at Expo. I showcased some of the season’s latest upstyles and opened up the art of new consultation techniques and sales tips to put those $$ in the till!
I just love to unlock my secrets…. and by next Expo, there’ll be MORE!