Gary Bigeni unveils Spring Summer collaboration

Melbourne’s Blackprojects Gallery was the place to be a few short weeks ago for the exhibition – Art & Design – where designer Gary Bigeni unveiled an edited version of his Spring Summer collaboration with Melbourne based artist, Matthew Johnson.

Gary dressed models in spring and summer designs and showcased them in front of Matthew’s large scale artworks to create an effect of clashing prints, colours and 3D effects.

Colour is not something to be afraid of. Gary’s designs and Matthew’s artworks are stunning and just pop with colour so I wanted to create something that was really wearable and captures that spring summer feel. There is definitely a street style element happening here. The style isn’t beautiful and perfect in the traditional way, the beauty is in the technique of the braid which we’ve broken and roughed up. It’s sexy but not perfect.

Creating a good foundation and getting the braiding technique right is key to this look, so use Redken Guts 10 section by section all over the head to build it up and then don’t rush the braid. Take your time to make sure it doesn’t buckle or bunch, and to help it keep its position. You can always add extra texture at the end.