Lorna’s Top 10 Tips for Blow Drying

Sharing my top 10 tips for blow drying:

  1. ONLY work on super clean hair! Go right back to your trade school days and give your client 2 shampoos, or even 3 if you’re dealing with thick hair.
  2. Pat dry and avoid rubbing the hair vigorously, this helps to keep the cuticle smooth.
  3. Make sure your blow dryer is light weight – I like the ghd or the Parlux. And always remember to blow dry with the nozzle on the end of the dryer.
  4. I personally like to apply a small amount of oil, mid-lengths to ends, before adding any styling products. This helps seal the cuticle, and as an added bonus slides the hair through the brush easier.
  5. NEVER hold the brush in one direction and the dryer in another. The key to a good blow dry is symmetry!
  6. Use a paddle brush and blast dry the hair to 80% dry, but never tip the head upside down because this creates frizz.
  7. Starting at the nape of the neck, take wide sections as long as your brush head can hold. The width of your section should be the width of the round brush you are using.
    Have you ever noticed a good session stylist will always use a bristle brush and avoid a ceramic one? This is because the boar bristle will create tension on the hair, and in turn will give you a smoother cleaner finish.
  8. Don’t let any of the dry section mix in with the damp section. WHY? Because dry hair + damp hair = FRIZZ
  9. Avoid over drying – it’s a common mistake that can damage the hair. A lot of people think that running the dryer over the section hundreds of times will eliminate frizz but it’ll only make it worse. Dry only until it feels dry to touch.
  10. Finish each section with a blast of cold air, this sets your blow dry and helps determine if the hair is dry! Make sure to follow these tips for blow drying.