Prepping Hair Secrets Unlocked

Thanks to everyone who joined our Facebook live on preparation!

If you missed it WATCH NOW along with the show notes for my prepping hair secrets unlocked.

These were the KEY POINTS:

Consultation with your client before she arrives is so important!


Because the best hair secrets unlocked pre starts with shampoo, conditioner, Argan Oil & styling product.

You’ll also notice on my consultation form, there is a head sheet. I use this to educate my client on exactly how to shampoo their hair and not miss the HOT SPOTS a lot of people leave oily – the crown and nape.

I love and recommend the following products by UNITE

–     Or if the hair is thick I recommend the UNITE Blow & Set Lotion.

For LONG LASTING CURLS my hot tips were:

  • Add in a second layer of styling product. Don’t be shy with the amount of product you use! It’s better to have the hold prior to dressing, so that way your hairspray is only for finish.
  • Prep the root area with the htz Hot Teaze! It’s the best root volumiser I have ever You don’t even have to section the hair – there’s a dial you set to exactly how thick you want your sections. Soooo easy and quick!!!
  • Use a heat glove with your tong so you can smooth all the little ends, and also feel it when you heat the hair all the way through. I use the GlamPalm Magic Wand. It comes with a glove!
  • Always pin curl your curls until cool.

Glass clean finish

Another thing for my hair prepping secrets even during special occasion hair education would be to blow dry the hair with the brush on top of the section, and not your traditional blow dry with the brush under the section. I use my Timesaver Brush so I can take wide sections and get more tension to ensure I get a glass finish.


  • Take the time to do a good blow dry before you add your texture set. This will ensure you still have shine in the hair. Remember, there is a difference between messy and messy.
  • And my very favourite product to use for texture is UNITE Expanda Dust and the UNITE Texturiza Spray (avoid a traditional hair spray).

Lorna Evans Hair Consultation sheet CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

One thought on “Prepping Hair Secrets Unlocked

  1. Dana Allabadi says:

    Hi Lorna and team,

    I couldn’t make the live session, but I’m truly thankful to you for making your content so accessible to everyone. I am a mature aged apprentice, have been for 5 years and still trying to get educated! Your blogs are amazing for someone like me who is eager to learn and keep up to date with what’s new in the industry and wanting to build a skill set but also on a strict budget. I hope one day to funally make it to one of your workshops and meet you in person.
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

    Dana Allabadi
    Melboure, Victoria

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