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“How much do you charge for a Bride” ?

Seriously if I had a dollar for every time I was asked that over the past 25 years in education I would be rich!
You may have seen a few years ago I came up with a formula on how to charge and then I thought
hang on a minute some stylists are more experienced & some have only been in the industry a short while but they have spent hours making sure they are educated and have
practiced so much that their work is amazing, So shouldn’t there be levels in this formula of mine?
This was the start of the idea to create a program for stylists and MUA to
  •  Workout what level stylist they currently are
  •  working on what you are currently doing in the industry with either cutting or makeup it will give you a recommended price to charge for a Bride, Bridesmaid, Flower Girl & Mother of the bride
  • Your Travel time cost is even  worked out for you
  •  A Marketing & training plan to keep you on track – You cant sell a secret so we do need to spend money on marketing BUT there needs to be a budget.
  •  Invoice template that you can simply pop in your logo and details and send straight to your client.

We will email you your very own program.

 It’s easy, go to the drop down box and order the Xcel or Numbers version and we will email the program to you.
Then simply place it on your desktop for quick access. Complete the details and see the results.
Then import and update your details at anytime to adapt to the growth of your business and styling skills.
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