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bungeetape – the how & why…

Hair Tie Innovation
Just like our Original and Silicon Hair Bungee, bungeetape offers the ultimate hold without damaging the hair. Once it’s wrapped in, it will apply up to 10X the holding power of any other hair band, yet like the Hair Bungee, it simply glides away from the hair when removed. bungeetape only adheres to itself, not to the hair. You can even add it to hair that’s wet or contains styling product. It’s easy to apply and super easy to remove!

Material Properties
bungeetape only activates when applied to its own surface, this adhesion is instant and achieved without any secondary glues or coatings like sticky-tape type products. Minimal effort is required to gain a strong hold and only requires a 15% overlap to achieve permanency. A typical 50mm (2”) piece will stretch up to 4X it’s length so much less is required per application compared to other hair bands or hair ties.

How do you use it?
It’s ridiculously simple! Just cut to length, remove the protective film, gather the hair and wrap!
Checkout our YouTube Channel for all the videos – BUNGEETAPE YOUTUBE. Our Instagram & Facebook pages are great a great source of inspiration from stylists around the world.

Ready? Let’s create your first Ponytail

  1. Cut about 50mm (2″) of bungeetape and trim the ends to blunt arrow shape.
  2. Peal off the protective backing and sit the bungeetape on a clean surface close to you.
  3. Gather the hair into a ponytail and place the bungeetape under the thumb holding the pony.
  4. Now wrap the bungeetape around the pony until you reach the other end.
  5. Continue until you have secured the whole length of bungeetape.
  6. Adjust and press the bungeetape to create a strong hold and you’re done!

How to remove bungeetape

  1. Use a blunt object like a tail comb or closed scissors.
  2. Stretch the bungeetape with your fingers to create tension.
  3. Poke the bungeetape with the blunt object repeatedly until you’ve split it.
  4. Add more pressure where required to break bungeetape away from the hair.

Hat Elastic V’s bungeetape
You can apply bungeetape in seconds without the need to tie it off, just wrap it and you’re done. This also means you only need one stylist to achieve the ultimate hold and when you’re done, just poke a hole in the tape to split and break it – no more accidental snipping of the hair when trying to cut out hat elastic. The typical pony only requires 50mm of bungeetape compared to 120mm+ of Hat Elastic and only one stylist is required. Faster Application, Increased Productivity, More Economical, 100% Safe for the Hair & Hygienic.

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Amanda La Monica
10 star!!

Absolutely fabulous! I was recommended the bungee tape by another hair stylist and it is absolutely fantastic!