Sew & Weave Kit



Introducing the Sew & Weave Kit – Your All-in-One Solution for Effortless and Secure Hair Styling!

When it comes to creating amazing styles for your clients’ special occasions, you need tools you can rely on. That’s why we’ve created the Sew & Weave Kit, a comprehensive set that ensures your hair creations will stay in place throughout any event, giving you the confidence to make your clients look and feel their best.

Key Features of the Sew & Weave Kit:

1. Rose Gold Needles with Large Eyelets:

Our kit includes two exquisite Rose Gold needles, specially designed to make threading linen or weaving with silicon bands a breeze. The large eyelets on these needles allow for easy maneuvering, saving you time and frustration during styling. With these needles in hand, you can effortlessly sew and weave hair to achieve the desired look with precision.

2. Safety Protective Ball:

We care about your clients’ comfort and safety. That’s why our Rose Gold needles feature a unique safety protective ball instead of a sharp point. This ball design ensures that you can take the point of the needle very close to the scalp and clients won’t experience discomfort during the styling process.

The Sew & Weave Kit contains all these essential tools, neatly packaged and ready to assist you in creating stunning hairstyles that stay in place. From intricate updos to elegant braids and weaves, this kit has you covered.

No more worrying about hair coming undone during the event or causing discomfort to your clients. With the Sew & Weave Kit, you have the confidence and peace of mind to craft unforgettable hairstyles that will leave your clients feeling confident and beautiful on their special day.

Elevate your hairstyling game with the Sew & Weave Kit – the ultimate solution for secure and stylish hair creations. Order yours today and unlock a new level of convenience and precision in your hairstyling toolkit

Your Sew & Weave Kit contains

  • Rose Gold needle  x 2
  • Linen thread x 2 ( Dark & Light)
  • Silicon Bands x 3



Customer Reviews

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Every hairdresser should have this in their kit!

The "sew and weave it" is a very fast, easy, and effective way to keep an "up do" in place all day and night long. It allows the hairdresser to be really creative!

Love it

Pro products make such easy work
Highly recommend