The Timesaving Double Act


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TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE with the BIGtail comb & Timesaver Brush

At Lorna Evans Education our products are designed to create an exceptional finish

with exceptional speed and ease.


  • 1 x Timesaver Brush ( medium size)

  • 1 x Bigtail Carbon Fibre Comb

  • 1 x Brush Cleaner Rake

  • 1 x Deluxe carry case

BIGtail Comb

A Tail Comb like no other

We create tools that solve problems to make things easier.

Made of high grade carbon fibre

The BIGtail is almost unbreakable.

In fact if you break it send it back and we will replace it within 1 year of purchase

The BIGtail is designed to glide through the thickest of hair making Styling and colour work a dream.

Perfect for the colourist who likes

  • Basin zonal toning

  • Hand painting

  • Balayage

  • General sectioning

Perfect for the stylists who likes

  • Working fast by sliding thought sectioning patterns

  • Use the wide teeth of the comb to ruche out the hair

  • Amazing to work through micro crimped hair

Use the BIGtail for the thick long work and a fine carbon comb for the finishing touches.



The Timesaver Brush is designed with its 160mm barrel for blow drying large sections at a time.

Made with a combination of boar bristles for greater control, and high grade nylon bristles for superior shine.

It even has a pointed handle for taking sections.

This brush is sure to meet all your blow drying needs and best of all, it saves time.

“I have cut my blow drying time by more than a third” and produced a better finish than ever before.