Sydney Secrets Unlocked Workshop

Travel. Seek. And you shall find…
That’s exactly what three of my latest students did to catch their seats for Secrets Unlocked – Sydney.
Just as I was waking up in my hotel room and gathering my thoughts for the workshop, two stylists – keen to notch up their long hair styling skills – were taking on a four hour road trip to be at my class. Another, was touching down at Sydney Airport after a flight from New Zealand – ain’t no mountain high enough, no valley low enough and ultimately no river wide enough to keep these girls from learning, I can tell you!
The venue for the three day workshop was the School of Skin Care at Pennant Hills. These students were an awesome force and by the end of the course, they were weaving and braiding and crimping and smoothing like there’s no tomorrow and not much left of today. Nothing was going to stand in their way of getting the ‘heads up’ when it came to long hair styling!